Education Committee

Moises Saucedo – Chair

The vision of the Education committee is to fulfill the needs of the SOCCC members by making quality and diverse educational opportunities available to as many members as possible. This committee will share information available at the high school, college, and trade levels. Information such as scholarships, job opportunities, career fairs, internships will also be offered by this group

Health Committee

Health: Diana Rogel, Chairperson

The vision of the Health committee is to increase awareness of health and safety issues to agencies, families and children and host an annual health fair in partnership with local health-focused organizations. increasing access to and relationships with Omaha metro-area health systems.

Advocacy Committee

Advocacy: Crystal Cardenas, Chairperson

The vision of the Advocacy committee is to support the needs of SOCCC members and share information to advocate for the South Omaha community and their families. The Advocacy committee helps families find their voices. This committee will advocate for the community to assure they have the resources they need for a better life and help them create a voice. The Advocacy Committee will also provide podcast for the community highlighting resources and civic education.